Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above where you can also find our Membership Form. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages and blog below.

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Wi-Tri Novice Triathlon (Whittlesey)

Results – Wi-Tri Novice Triathlon (Whittlesey), 22/8/15 – Congratulations must go to Lee for taking first place, but also to Tom who took third place. For the family competition it was Andy in 8th place, leading Leah in 21st place over the line. Laura was taking part in this event for the second year and came home in a respectable 13th overall and Darren in 24rd place. For the juniors, Fergus gave his all, and afterwards was lost for words. Moving onto the cheer squad, well what can we say, loud very loud and even louder. Full Results – http://www.whatsmytime.co.uk/…/…/witri-novice-triathlon-2015


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parkrun Tourism

Results – Weymouth parkrun, 22/08/15 – James Constable 23:44, Di Constable 40:52. Well done ‪#‎teamconstable‬

Results – Poole parkrun, 22/08/15 – Glenys Waters 30:38, Cliff Waters 30:41. Well done ‪#‎teamwaters‬

Results – Bury St Edmunds parkrun, 22/08/15 – Nigel Walls 28:05, Amanda Walls 46:39. Well done ‪#‎teamwalls‬

Results – Medina I.O.W. parkrun, 22/08/15 – Adrian Ash 36:24, Sharon Ash 37:04. Well done ‪#‎teamash‬

Results – Cleethorpes parkrun, 22/08/15 – Sarah Cameron 29:11. Well done Sarah.

Results – Southwick Country Park parkrun, Trowbridge, 22/08/2015 – Matt Ball 21:42. Well done Matt.

Results – Tilgate parkrun, 22/08/15 – Dave Stunell 18:47. Well done Dave.

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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 22/08/15 – Darren Hillier 18:13 (PB), Pete Jeffery 20:51, Mike Wright 21:01, Sarah Overington 21:03, Roy Young 22:35, Steve Roweth 24:13, Terry Fone 24:51, John Airey 25:12, Simon King 26:19, Carl Golder 27:00, Martin Lansbury 27:28, Natasha Newitt 28:15, Linda Threadgold 28:31 (PB), Helen Casbon 28:31, David Lenihan 29:37, Ad Lenihan 29:38, Simon Lovell 30:19, Carol Rogers 32:38, Alison Dunphy 32:38, Kyle Bull 32:53, Sharon Blackledge 33:25 (PB), Deborah Nolan 33:26, Helen Airey 35:57, Gary Parr 39:35 & Cameron Pearson 39:39. Todays volunteers were Gordon, Gary P, Helen J, Michaela G, Mike W, Roy, Carol and Sam Whitmore. 3 new PB’s and Roy’s first run with ECR.
Well done all 25 runners and 8 volunteers on a hot morning.

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Barney Memorial 5k

Results – Barney Memorial 5k, 19/8/15 – Ben Heron 17:01 (PB), Dave Stunell 17:49 (PB), Darren Hillier 18:23, Pete Kirwin 19:10, Lee Whitton 19:49, Sarah Overington 20:03 (PB), Mike Wright 20:35 (PB), Sam Cullen 20:47, Andy Short 21:01, Matt Ball 21:06, Gordon Pearson 21:54, Sophie Slater 21:56, Mike Blackledge 22:36, Lisa Moloney 22:43, Leah Short 22:47 (PB), Alison Dunphy 22:50 (PB), Deborah Nolan 23:40, Mick Davies 23:54, Cathy Threadgold 23:58, Dave Richmond 24:03, Matt Edwards 24:30, Marlena Koralewska 24:30, John Airey 24:35, Cliff Waters 24:55, Bonnie Heron 25:17 (PB), Becky Allam 25:18, Carl Golder 25:25 (PB), Michaela Giles 25:48, Helen Casbon 25:52 (PB), Mandy Tropeano 27:02, Gill Bates 27:12, Glenys Waters 30:34, Steph Dales 31:31, Sarah Short 32:57 & Sharon Blackledge 33:18. 35 out for the club at the 2nd event of the 15/16 club champs, PB’s galore!

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Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon

Results – Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon, 16/8/15 – Pete Kirwin 1:24:19, Lee Whitton 1:29:40 (PB), Matt Ball 1:41:02, Steph Hall 1:48:27 (PB), Sam Cullen 1:49:23, Deborah Nolan 1:49:25 (PB), Mike Blackledge 1:50:05, Cathy Threadgold 1:56:38 (PB), Sam Whitmore 1:58:39, Mick Davies 2:00:02, Helen Casbon 2:02:26 (PB), Matt Edwards 2:03:41, Gary Parr 2:18:30 & Linda Threadgold 2:27:34 (PB). What a great morning it was, with 14 running, lots of PB’s. Together with Gordon, Michaela, Marlena, Terry, Laura, Hannah and others supporting cheering and flag waving. ‪#‎teameye‬ ‪#‎greenarmy‬


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Plenty of photos to browse from recent events!

ECR have been busy!!! Check out the Gallery page :)

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Sleaford Striders Summer 10k

Results – Sleaford Striders Summer 10k, 14/8/15 – Lee Whitton 41:46. Well done.

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Peterborough parkrun

esults – Peterborough parkrun, 15/8/15 – Darren Hillier 18:19 (PB & 3rd place), Martyn Fox 19:52, Nigel Walls 20:04, Pete Jeffery 20:26 (PB), Nick Pearson 22:07 (First Timer), Fergus Barratt 23:03, Steve Ellen 23:43, Steve Roweth 23:51, Marlena Koralewska 25:15 (PB), Cliff Waters 25:25, Terry Fone 25:41, Carl Golder 25:55,Michaela Giles 26:17 (PB), James Constable 26:33, Simon King 26:43, Tess Hammond 27:46 (PB), Alison Dunphy 27:47, Jane Masters 28:07, Natasha Newitt 28:19, Linda Threadgold 28:43, Cathy “Birthday Girl” Threadgold 28:44, Simon Lovell 29:48, Steve Allam 30:20, Becky Allam 30:23, Glenys Waters 30:37, Claire Pallett 31:55, Sam Mallia 32:12, Jaco Buckby-Smit 32:34, Carol Rogers 33:35, Bryan Dudley 34:31, Hannah Casbon 35:48, Yvonne Goodsell 35:48, Diane Constable 35:58, Gary Alford 49:22 & Lee Whitton 51:40 (Tail runner). 5 fab Pb’s & Beckys 50th parkrun, well done. Volunteering today we had Gary Parr, Michaela, Laura, Andy S, Sarah S, Helen C, Mike B, Sharon B, Sophie B, Lee, Amy, Sarah B, Leah S, Marlena & Sam W. Same again next Saturday. ‪#‎teameye‬ ‪#‎loveparkrun‬

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parkrun Tourism

Results – Braunstone parkrun, 15/8/15 – Dave Stunell 18:14. Well done.

Results – Carlisle parkrun, 15/8/15 – Adrian Finch 28:08. Well done.

Results – Brueton parkrun (nr Solihull), 15/8/15 – Gordon Pearson 26:56. Well done.

Results – Darley parkrun (Derby), 15/8/15 – Matt Buller 20:23. Well done.


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Eye Handicap

Many thanks for all the support we received tonight for the annual Handicap which helped to raise £270 for Bone Cancer Research. The charity being chosen by the winner from ECR – Michaela Giles.

Thanks to the cooks, tea ladies, entry desk and marshals for all your hard work.
Well done all.

Results below…


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