Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above where you can also find our Membership Form. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages and blog below.

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Ashby 20 miles

Results – Ashby 20 miles (Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire), 19/3/17 – Lee Whitton 2:29:51, Matt Buller 2:29:57, Sharon Stancer 4:02:23.
The Ashby 20 has a reputation as a thoroughly testing route. Rural and undulating is how it is often described, with several inclines to test the stamina of a runner. Well the #greenarmy runners did themselves proud and passed the testing 20 miles of Ashby with flying colours. Top running all round!
Well done all!
#teameye #lovehills #loverunning #marathontraining


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Swavesey 5 miles

Results -Swavesey 5 miles (near Cambridge), 19/3/17 – Laura Whitton 36:46.
Following a loop round the village of Swavesey and then an out and back section, the 5 mile route was all taken in the stride of #teameye Laura who finished as 2nd lady and in 8th place overall. That wasn’t enough running for Laura who then headed out onto the half marathon course to accompany some other #greenarmy runners around parts the course.
Well done Laura!
#2ndplacelady #teameyeteamwork #loverunning

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Swavesey Half

Results -Swavesey half marathon (near Cambridge), 19/3/17 – Peter Kirwin 1:30:38, Al Dales 1:34:18, Martyn Fox 1:36:49, Andy Short 1:37:19, Terry Fone 1:44:48, Mike Blackledge 1:50:03,Billy Fox 1:52:00, Leah Short 1:58:24, Melanie Tindale 1:59:13, James Constable 2:03:01, Marlena Koralewska 2:04:51, John Airey 2:06:21, Becky Allam 2:06:53, Tracy Rookyard 2:26:17, Hannah Barnard 2:48:13, Linda Threadgold 2:48:17.
Windy was the order of the day today over in Swavesey where the #greenarmy was out in force. Starting from Swavesey Village College, the #teameye runners followed a route of very mixed terrain on a 2 lap course. Quiet roads, undulating footpaths, farm tracks, grassy fields and wind; there was a bit of everything today and of course 13.1 miles full of #greenarmy determination and a lot more wind!
Well done all!
#windyrunning #sundayrunday #greenarmy

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Huntingdon Frostbite Friendly

Results – Huntingdon Frostbite Friendly – Seniors, 12/3/17 – Finishing positions – Ben Heron 3, James Borrett 18, Martyn Fox 58, Al Dales 88, Ed Fancourt 93, Lee Whitton 121, Peter Kirwin 145, Mike Wright 155, Tracey Barnes 163, Laura Whitton 181, Ellen Ellard 186, Matthew Edwards 187, Sam Whitmore 196, Peter Ridley 197, Billy Fox 201, Mick Davies 202, Iwona Drummond 207, Tony Gray 208, Loz Carty 215, James Constable 220, Steve Booth 258, Alison Dunphy 278, Elaine Macmillan 283, Becky Allam 284, Paul Barnes 294, Natalie Ellen 301, Gary Parr 322, Marlena Koralewska 325, Steph Ellard 344, Matt Benton 348, Darren Barratt 355, Tracey Rookyard 362, Hilary Ainslie 363, Bonnie Heron 366, Simon Lovell 377, Richard Griffen 379, Sarah-Jane Gill 381, Linda Threadgold 382, Sue Ridley 384, Stephanie Dales 386, Sue Heron 388, Diane Constable 389, Lesley Fox 391, Emma Parkes392, Hannah Barnard 400, Caroline Carty 401.
Last Sunday saw the final Frostbite race of the series held at Jubilee Park, Huntingdon, providing a challenging and undulating course for the #teameye runners. Great running efforts all round with some super sprint finishes on display. Finishing 9th on the day of the final race of the series and in 8th position overall, #teameye equalled last years result in fantastic style. See you all in October for the next Frostbite!
Well done #greenarmy!
#loverunning #greenarmy #everybodycounts


Results – Huntingdon Frostbite Friendly – Juniors, 12/3/17 – Finishing positions – Connor Cassar 60, Elizabeth Taylor 81, Mylea Burchett 110, Sophie Ellen 129, Adam Drummond 138, Jacob Carty 139, Joshua Carty 142, George Benton 143, Jasmine Heron 149.
Finishing in 12th position on the day last Sunday, our younger members of the #greenarmy ended the Frostbite season in 12th place overall. Superb running from our #teameye juniors at every race throughout the season, showing teamwork at its best. Roll on October for the start of the next season!
Well done all!
#frostbite #teameyeteamwork #greenarmy

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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 18/03/17 – Ed Fancourt 19:55, Stewart Clarke 20:35, Will Fox 21:09, Matt Edwards 21:53, James Barnett 21:55 (PB), Roy Young 23:06, Pete Ridley 23:21, Lee Whitton 23:43, Jon Bales 23:43, Wayne Bradley 23:55, Andy Short 24:08, Natalie Ellen 24:57, Martin Lainsbury 25:00, Chris Hardman 25:15, Lisa Elia 25:24, Alison Dunphy 26:03, Dave Richmond 26:31, David Stevenson 26:38, Luke Harding 27:11, John Airey 27:16, Petra Ellen 27:35, Hilary Ainslie 28:03, Natasha Newitt 28:40, Marlena Koralewska 29:02, Emma Parkes 29:13 (PB), Sue Miller 29:23, Joshua Carty 29:28, Lesley Fox 29:29 (PB), Gary Parr 29:30, Carl Golder 29:40, Bernadette Fitzharris 30:15 (PB), Simon Lovell 30:29, Sarah-Jane Gill 30:34, Deborah Cook 30:38, Jonah Carty 31:44, Loz Carty 31:45, Hannah Casbon 31:59, Helen Casbon 32:00, Linda Threadgold 32:41, Tess Hammond 32:47, Ben Harding 32:52, Carol Rogers 33:39, Adrian Ash 33:57, Sharon Stancer 34:00, Helen Airey 34:23, Sharon Ash 34:51, Paige Pitney-Baxter 35:21 (PB), Hayley Greenwood 35:22, Caitlin Rookyard 35:57, Hannah Barnard 36:21, Leah Short 36:58 (Birthday Girl), Sarah Short 36:58, Sharon Blackledge 37:20, Carmel Keegan 37:21, Diane Constable 37:22, Peter Jeffrey 39:42, James Carty 40:32, Caroline Carty 40:41, Simon King 40:52 & Lorna Young 46:01. Volunteering today were Gordon, Gary, Laura, Lorraine, Sam W, Michaela P, Becky A, Terry, Deborah, Sarah-Jane, Matt E (25th Volunteering role), Roy & Lorna, Dave, Tracy R, Sarah S & Suzy. 5 shiney new PBs & Happy Birthday Leah. Well done all. #greenarmy #voluncheers #loveparkrun

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parkrun Tourism

Results – Taupo parkrun (New Zealand), 18/3/17 – Gill Bates 28:53. Well done Gill.

Results – Krakow parkrun (Poland), 18/03/17 – Paul Barnes 26:36. Dobra robota Paul!

Results – Braunstone parkrun (Leicester) 18/03/17 – Nigel Walls 25:32. Well done Nigel.

Results – Lincoln parkrun 18/03/17 – Sue Heron 31:06. Well done Sue.

Results – Rising Sun parkrun (Newcastle) 18/03/17 – Mike Wright 25:20. Well done Mike.

Results – Harlow parkrun 18/03/17 – Nigel Cronin 23:54. 100th different UK parkrun, well done Nigel.

Results – Brockenhurst parkrun 18/03/17 – Cliff Waters 25:32 & Glenys Waters 32:32. Well done #teamgreenwrinklies.

Results – Rutland Water parkrun 18/03/17 – Fergus Barratt 25:06. Volunteering was Darren. Well done teambarratt.

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Silverstone Half

Results – Silverstone half marathon (Northants), 12/3/17 – Matt Buller 1:30:25, Mike Blackledge 1:48:37, Steve Ellen 1:56:26, Melanie Tindale 1:57:49, Martin Lainsbury, 2:01:15, Clare Edwards 2:06:51 (PB), Kirsten Bateman 2:06:57, Laura Mead 2:10:26, Petra Ellen 2:15:53, John Airey 2:22:59.
Silverstone isn’t just home to Formula 1, it’s home to this ever popular Spring half marathon. Following the twists and turns of the race circuit this course took our #teameye runners around 3 varying laps of Silverstone, through the pits and along the straights. Great running all round from our F1 runners last Sunday.
Well done all!

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Thetford Forest CaniX 10k Trail

Results – Thetford Forest CaniX 10k Trail race, 12/3/17 – Helen Casbon 1:10:07.
Some of our #greenarmy runners have paws, not trainers, and are of the canine variety. This dynamic duo of Helen and canine companion Gemma were in action at the weekend around the challenging trails and ups and downs of Thetford Forest on a 2 lap trail course. Great teamwork and great running by trainers and paws!
Well done Helen & Gemma!
#trainersandpaws #teamworkrunning #trailsandtails


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North London Half

Results – North London half marathon, 12/3/17 – Andy Short 1:35:46, Jon Bales 1:36:57, Roy Young 1:47:19, Leah Short 1:57:15.
This popular half marathon took our #teameye runners on a route from Wembley to Saracens’ Allianz Park.On the return to Wembley our runners entered the stadium to cross the finish line in front of the cheering crowds. Top running all round!
Well done all!
#sundayrunday #londonrunning #roadtowembley


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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 11/3/17 – Martyn Fox 19:26, William Fox 20:14 (PB), Jon Bales 20:15, Lee Whitton 20:43, James Barnett 23:10 (First Timer), Mike Wright 24:11, Terry Fone 24:19, Isaac Ellard 24:26, Pete Ridley 24:32, Luke Harding 25:44, Lisa Elia 25:51, Dom Goy 26:14, Jacob Carty 26:20, Dave Stevenson 26:40, Chris Hardman 27:05, Hayley Greenwood 27:09, Tracy Rookyard 27:24, Natasha Newitt 28:38, Iwona Drummond 28:53, Steve Allam 29:27, Sue Miller 29:49, Steph Ellard 30:09, Jane Masters 30:23, Steph Dales 30:24, Bernadette Fitzharris 30:25 (PB), Linda Threadgold 31:06, Sue Ridley 31:29, Sharon Stancer 31:40 (PB), Hilary Ainslie 31:44 (100th parkrun), Dave Ainslie 31:44 (100th parkrun), Adam Blake 31:46, Hannah Barnard 33:40, Lesley Fox 33:43, Sarah-Jane Gill 33:49, Sharon Ash 33:54, Adrian Ash 33:54, Carol Rogers 34:41, Joshua Carty 34:55, Carl Golder 34:58, Caroline Carty 35:50, Frankie Fox 36:11 (PB), Jaco Buckby-Smit 36:48, Billy Fox 37:10, Sharon Blackledge 38:32, Amy Blackledge 38:32, Mike Blackledge 42:25, Sophie Blackledge 42:26 (PB), Pete Jeffery 42:41, Laura Whitton 42:41 & Lorna Young 46:59. 51 out today with 5 PBS and 1 First Timer. Volunteering today were Dave R, Laura W, Tess, Sarah-Jane, Pete & Sue Ridley, Lorna, Martin, Sam W, Roy, Ella, Charlotte, Tracy R, Leah S, Becky A, Simon L & Lesley. Same again next Saturday for the new course! #teameye #greenarmy #hivizheroes #loveparkrun

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