Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above where you can also find our Membership Form. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages and blog below.

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A 21 year club record was broken by James Borrett in tremendous style at the London Marathon last Sunday in a time of 2:49:04!

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Blackpool 10k

Results – Blackpool 10k, 23/4/17 – Linda Oswin 60:51.
Finishing as first lady in the V60 category #greenarmy Linda had a superb run on Sunday in the Blackpool 10k taking top spot. The one lap course took Linda on a seaside run along the famous Blackpool Promenade passing all the landmarks and tourist spots. Top running Linda!
Well done!
#blackpoolrunning #greenarmy #ohidoliketorunbesidetheseaside

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London Marathon

Results – London marathon, 23/4/17 – James Borrett 2:49:04 (PB), Peter Kirwin 3:11:30, Andy Short 3:22:52 (PB), Darren Jackson 3:45:12 (PB), Sean Selcraig 4:17:25, Deborah Nolan 4:19:07, Mark Short 4:21:56, Carl Golder 4:45:33, MartIn Lainsbury 4:58:58, John Airey 5:07:06, Louise McIntosh 5:26:43 (PB), Sarah Bird 5:31:27 (PB), Amanda Wells 5:55:41.
#teameye are incredibly proud of all of our marvellous marathoners who ran the London marathon on Sunday. For some their first marathon, for some their fastest, for others raising funds for wonderful causes. To top it off, a 21 year club record broken by James Borrett in tremendous style. The support by our #teameye marathon marshals and #greenarmy crew was superb, cheering on our runners at several points around the course.
Now, when do entries open for next year….
Well done all!
#magnificentmarathoners #club26.2 #reasontorun #londonrunning#inspiringothers #marathonmilesmedalsmiles

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Southampton Marathon

Results – Southampton marathon, 23/4/17 – Lee Whitton 3:19:06.
Finishing in 55th place from over 1000 runners, Lee had a super run on this two lap marathon course. The route took #greenarmy Lee over the Itchen Bridge with views out to sea towards the Isle of Wight, waters edge running in the Riverside park, past the Saints stadium and a finish in front of the Guildhall in the city centre. All with fantastic cheers from super supporter Laura along the course. Another marathon done. Well done Lee!
#marathonman #toprunning #greenarmy #minesapint

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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 22/4/17 – Ben Heron 16:38 (3rd place), Dave Stunell 18:38, Wayne Bradley 19:28, Jon Bales 19:49 (PB), Matt Stevenson 20:19, Tim Andrews 20:39, Mike Wright 21:31, Matt Ball 22:07, Pete Ridley 22:23, Terry Fone 23:12, Steve Ellen 23:16, Roy Young 23:23, Fergus Barratt 24:19, Ben Ball 24:20 (PB), Dom Goy 25:08 (PB), Elaine McMillan 25:16, Sophie Ellen 25:27, Dave Ainslie 25:44, Dave Richmond 25:46, David Stevenson 25:55, Vanessa Winters 26:16 (PB), Petra Ellen 27:19, Jacob Carty 27:30, Hilary Ainslie 27:39, Adam Blake 27:39, Gill Bates 28:06, Andy Short 28:32, Laura Mead 29:48, Darren Barratt 30:01, Nicola Goy 30:02, Sarah-Jane Gill 30:20, Anna King 30:21, Joshua Carty 30:33, Isaac Dales 30:44 (PB), Alistair Dales 30:44, Sue Ridley 30:50, James Carty 30:54, Charlotte Richmond 30:58, Deborah Cook 31:01, Jonah Carty 31:11, Loz Carty 31:11, Steve Allam 31:41, Luke Harding 32:31, Caroline Carty 34:15, Gordon Pearson 34:15, Jaco Buckby-Smit 34:42 (50th parkrun), Natasha Newitt 35:12, Helen Airey 35:21 (100th parkrun), John Airey 35:22 (100th parkrun), Yvonne Goodsell 35:23, Steph Dales 35:29, Sarah Short 37;16, Linda Threadgold 37;17, Penny Rowe 38:09, Tracy Rookyard 39:18, Lisa Elia 39:48, Laura Whitton 41:33, William King 46:30, Lorna Young 46:52, Simon King 46:55, James Constable 46:55, Diane Constable 46:56 & Lorraine Howard 52:53 (Tail runner). 63 out today with 5 fab PB’s. Volunteering today were Gary, Michaela, Gordon, Lorraine, Roy, Lorna & Ann-Marie. #teameye #loveparkrun #voluncheers

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parkrun Tourism

Results – March parkrun, 22/4/17 – Martyn Fox 18:57 (2nd place), Will Fox 26:06 & Lesley Fox 34:04. Well done. #ecrontour #teamfox

Results – Cassiobury parkrun (Watford), 22/4/17 – Mandy Tropeano 28:19. Well done.

Results – Portrush parkrun (Northern Ireland), 22/4/17 – Stewart Clarke 20:50 & Megan Ellershaw 24:38. Well done. #beachrun

Results – Mansfield parkrun, 22/4/17 – Nigel Cronin 22:10. Well done.

Results – Rosliston parkrun (North West Leics), 22/4/17 – Joe Lovell 21:16, Lucy Lovell 30:52 & Simon Lovell 31:08. Well done. #teamlovell

Results – Lincoln parkrun, 22/4/17 – Sue Heron 30:21. Well done.

Results – Moors Valley parkrun (Ringwood, Dorset), 22/4/17 – Glenys & Cliff Waters 31:30. Well done.

Results – Phoenix parkrun (Runcorn), 22/4/17 – Carol Rogers 36:03. Well done.

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Results – Chocathon run (Northampton), 16/4/17 – Mike Wright (30.2 miles) 5:37:39, Laura Whitton (26.2 miles) 4:01:10, Lee Whitton (17.25 miles) 4:01:26, Diane Constable (17.25 miles) 4:51:08.
The Chocathon is not eggxactly your normal running event. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit, consume as much chocolate as you wish within the time limit (and there was far more running than chocolate consuming!). Mike went to the eggstreme running his first ultra distance and birthday girl Laura had an eggceptional run, her first over the marathon distance. Super eggstravagent medals for our #teameye runners too, and eggcellent support from the cracking #greenarmy too.
Well done all!
#greenarmy #loverunning #chocathon #eastersundayrunday


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Boston Half

Results – Boston half marathon (Lincs), 16/4/17 – Caroline Carty 2:45:54.
Boston, Massachusetts may boast the world famous marathon event, but our very own Boston in Lincolnshire holds its own race on the very same day! #greenarmy Caroline should be eggstremely pleased with herself running a super half marathon over the Easter weekend.
Well done Caroline!
#theotherboston #sundayrunday #minesahalfplease

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Stanwick 10k

Results – Stanwick 10k (Northants), 17/4/17 – Laura Mead 55:52 (PB).
Easter bank holiday Monday saw #teameye Laura take part in the Stanwick 10k. Starting and finishing in the village, the course followed a rural route through the Northamptonshire countryside. Easter eggcellent running by Laura who earned herself a shiny new PB!
Well done Laura!
#loverunning #greenarmy #10kpb

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Peterborough parkrun – ECR Takeover!

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 15/4/17 – Ben Heron 16:27 (2nd place), Wayne Bradley 19:58, Martyn Fox 21:00, Joe Lovell 21:27, Tim Andrews 22:01, Jon Bales 22:35, Alistair Dales 22:38 (50th parkrun), Roy Young 23:05, Steve Ellen 23:32, Matt Ball 23:35, Lee Whitton 23:36, Megan Ellershaw 24:01, Terry Fone 25:06, Nicola Pike 25:07 (PB), Deborah Nolan 25:34, Dom Goy 25:36, Sophie Ellen 25:51, Stew Clarke 25:52, Ben Ball 26:43, Michaela Parr 26:50, Adam Blake 26:59, Sarah-Jane Gill 27:06 (50th parkrun & 25th Volunteering), Petra Ellen 27:25, Jasmine Heron 28:30, Diane Gill 29:09, Emma Parkes 29:10 (PB), Gill Bates 29:11, Lesley Fox 29:19 (PB), Mandy Tropeano 30:00, Bernadette Fitzharris 30:02, Deborah Cook 30:12, Nicola Goy 30:32, Steve Allam 31:11, Becky Fowler 31:12, Karl Stapleton 31:15, Steph Dales 31:22, Sharon Stancer 31:52, Keziah Hammond 32:29, Jaco Buckby-Smit 33:08, Helen Casbon 33:25, Carol Rogers 33:38, Isaac Dales 33:55, Elaine McMillan 33:56, Hannah Casbon 33:57, Steph Reid 34:33, Sarah Cameron 35:45, Penny Rowe 37:04 (PB), Sarah Short 37:18, Ben Fox 39:32, Frankie Fox 39:43, Billy Fox 39:43, Jane Masters 40:59, Anna King 41:14, Laura Whitton 55:09 & Gordon Pearson 55:19 (Tail runner). 56 out today and 4 PB’s with a further 39 volunteering on our “takeover” of all the roles, 25th volunteering for Sarah-Jane & Fergus. Same again next Saturday. #ecrtakeover#greenarmy #teameye #voluncheers #hivizheroes

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