Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages (links on the right of this page) and blog below.

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Hereward Relay 23/11/14

Fantastic effort today team, really great to see (and hear) the support out there. Good to see so many at the Ely finish.

Some very funny photos to follow!!

‘Well done to all four Eye teams in today’s Hereward Relay, a fantastic effort by all in some interesting conditions. And a special thanks to the support crews for ferrying us around.
Same again next year?’ – Andy Short.

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Larking Gowen City of Norwich Half Marathon 23/11/14

Results – Larking Gowen City of Norwich Half Marathon, 23/11/14 – Lee Whitton 1:36.26. Well done in dreadful conditions.

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Peterborough Parkrun 22/11/14

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 22/11/14 – James Cameron 20:07, William Fox 20:17 (PB), Nigel Walls 20:57, Andy Short 21:31, Billy Fox 22:04 (PB), Terry Fone 22:34, Natalie Ellen 23:26, Zoe Bateman 24:43 (First timer), Gordon Pearson 24:43, Cathy Threadgold 25:38, James Constable 26:10, Leah Short 26:26, Becky Allam 26:31, Petra Ellen 26:38, Ellie Salemme 27:22, Sarah Cameron 27:26 (PB), Mick Davies 27:36 (PB), Deborah Nolan 27:40, Katie Rowe 27:47, Sarah Short 29:14 (PB), Linda Threadgold 29:25, Gary Parr 30:06 (Pacer), Diane Constable 30:54, Bran Dudley 32:09, Kim Rowe 34:15, Helen Airey 35:01, Michaela Giles 35:04 & Kathy Saunders 38:08 (Pacer). Fantastic turnout again of 28 and 5 PB’s and 1 First timer..Volunteering today were Gary, Michaela, Gordon , Mike W, Mike B, Amanda, Sam W, Mark Walls & Kathy. Well done and see you all next Saturday! #teameye #parkrun

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Cambridge Parkrun 22/11/14

Results – Cambridge parkrun, 22/11/14 – Simon Lovell 32:37 (PB). Well done in tricky conditions. #parkrun

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Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

Results – Leeds Abbey Dash 10K, 16/11/14 – Simon Plunkett 48:29 & Linda Oswin 58:20. Well done both!

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X/C Regional and National Events

The X/C season is upon us and the you may like to know the dates for the county, regional and national events which are:

County – 04.01.15 Cambs XC Champs, Priory Park, St Neots

No further information yet, but likely to need entries by 18/12/14.

SEAA – 24.01.15 Southern XC Champs, Stanmer Park, Brighton

Please note you need to enter this event yourself at http://seaa.org.uk/events/cross-country.html by 12/12/14

Nationals – 21.02.15 National XC Champs, Parliament Hill, London

Please let Dave know by 18/12/14 if you would like to take part together with payment of £7.


So if you want to get muddy then these are the races for you!

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Ryston XC (9k) Shouldham Warren 16/11/14

Results – Ryston XC (9K) Shouldham Warren, 16/11/14 – Mike Wright 39:02, James Constable 46:02 & Diane Constable 55:29. Well done all.

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Istanbul 10k 16/11/14

Result – Instanbul 10k, 16/11/14. Simon Lovell 67:00. Simon reports: Pleased with this as chaotic start with walkers not involved in the race. Started in Asia, finished in Europe. Weather crap & booze expensive. Otherwise good time being had with the WJ tour.

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St Neots Half 16/11/14

Results – St Neots Half, 16/11/14 – Ellie Salemme 2:13:42 & Sarah Cameron 2:13:44. Well done both on completing your first half marathon!

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Club Run 16/11/14 – 15km of mudlarking!

ClubRun Off road

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