Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages (links on the right of this page) and blog below.

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Santa Run for Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance 14/12/2014

Bryan & Kathy took part in the Santa run @ Ferry Meadows this morning in aid of Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance.


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Hinchingbrooke Frostbite (no.3) 14/12/2014

Results – Frostbite #3 @ Hinchingbrooke CP. Seniors: Dave Stunnell 72: Sam White 82: Matt Buller 83: Martyn Fox 87: Nigel Walls 93: Sam Cullen 100: Sarah Overington 136: Matt Ball 137: Lee Whitton 138: James Cameron 175: Andy Short 181: Mike Wright 182: Sophie Slater 202: Billy Fox 206: Terry Fone 215: Joe Lovell 219: Steve Ellen 244: Di Gill 260: Matt Rowe 266: Steph Hall 286: Mike Blackledge 293: Dave Richmond 297: James Constable 298: Leah Short 318: Becky Allam 330: Cathy Threadgold 332: Lucy Lovell 352: Mandy Tropeano 355: Petra Ellen 360: Mick Davies 361: Gill Bates 362: Deborah Nolan 365: Gary Parr 368: Elle Salemme 369: Sarah Cameron 381: Linda Oswin 396: Diane Constable 405: Simon Lovell 418: Sarah Short 420: Linda Threadgold 421. Great turnout today from ‪#‎teameye‬ with 40 of us enjoying the mud – and sunshine in a total field of 425 runners. ECR finished in *** 8th place *** today moving up to 13th overall. Well done team. Thanks also to the supporters, Michaela, Laura, Gordon, Sophie, Natalie and Katie for the shouts of encouragement. Hope to see you all at race 4 on 11th January at March.
Results – Frostbite #3 – Juniors; Natalie Ellen 96: Sophie Ellen 126: Katie Rowe 143: Evie Dawson 167. Total of 176 young runners took part with ECR taking 14th place today, and 14th overall. Well done team.

Official results found here

frostbitee3 frostbite3

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Peterborough Parkrun 13/12/2014 – ECR Take over day!

Results – Peterborough parkrun – Matt Stevenson 21:39, Matt Ball 22:50 (Pacer), Natalie Ellen 24:04, Terry Fone 25:03 (Pacer), Mike Wright 26:03 (Pacer), Gary Parr 27:11 (Pacer), Helen John 29:58 (PB), Nigel Walls 30:01 (Pacer), Gordon Pearson 34:00, (Pacer), Sarah Cameron (Tail runner) 47:48 & Sarah Short 47:49 (Tail runner). Well done to Helen on her PB and also to 35 members who helped on the ECR ‘take over’ today, excellent team effort, thank you to Sarah S for organising and some were perkier than others!…next takeover is scheduled for 28th Feb.

Parkrun takeover

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Christmas Guesstimate

Results from Thursdays Night Guesstimate – Won by Mike Wright who was bang on to the second over the 4 mile course. Impressive stuff.


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Nene Valley 10m 07/12/2014

Results – NVH 10, 7/12/14 – Peter Kirwin 1:05:47, Sam Cullen 1:07:20, Nigel Walls 1:10:25 (PB), Andy Short 1:11:55 (PB), Matt Ball 1:12:34 (PB), Sarah Overington 1:12:50 (PB), Terry Fone 1:13:02, Mike Wright 1:15:13 (PB), Di Gill 1:19:35, Steve Ellen 1:22:28 (PB), Mike Blackledge 1:23:45 (PB), Mark Wells 1:23:53, Dave Richmond 1:27:36, Leah Short 1:28:26 (PB), Mandy Tropeano 1:31:14, Gill Bates 1:31:18. Ellie Salemme 1:35:16, Sarah Cameron 1:37:17, Petra Ellen 1:39:08 & Sarah Short 1:48:40 (PB). Well done all in this the 6th event in the 14/15 Club Champs. Next up is Hinchingbrooke Frostbite next Sunday (14/12)..see you all again?


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Eye Hoodie to buy in the new year!

For those who ordered a hoodie..its ready for you! If you missed out, we will do another order in new year…comment with size below Adult – £23 & Jnr – £19 or speak to Gordon on a club night.


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Harlow Parkrun 06/12/2014

Results – Harlow parkrun, 6/12/14 – Gary Parr 25:50 & Michaela Giles 28:04. Well done.


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Peterborough Parkrun 06/12/2014

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 6/12/14 – Dave Stunell 19:37 (PB), Lee Whitton 21:02 (PB), James Constable 23:56, Dave Richmond 24:09 (PB with Izzy), Tony Gray 24:12, Cathy Threadgold 24:22 (PB), Leah Short 24:34, Terry Fone 24:58 (Pacer), Jane Masters 25:53 (PB), Gordon Pearson 25:54 (Pacer), Mick Davies 26:21, Deborah Nolan 26:32 (PB), Katie Rowe 27:48, Linda Oswin 27:53, Sarah Cameron 28:14, Simon Lovell 28:26, Linda Threadgold 30:12, Sarah Short 30:58, Helen John 31:07 (PB), Diane Constable 31:10, Kim Rowe 34:27, Kirsten Bateman 35:44 (First Timer) & Kathy Saunders 37:36 (Pacer). 7 Shiny new PB’s today and 1 First Timer. Volunteering today we had Sarah C, Mick, Sam W, Andy, Mike B, Becky, Mark Walls, Kathy, Gordon & Terry. Next Saturday anyone? ‪#‎parkrun‬

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Results – Harrier League 3 03/12/2014

Results – Harrier League 3, 3/12/14 – Mike Blackledge 23:14 (20th), Andy Short 21.16 (24th) and Terry Fone 22:04 (28th). Mike is still in contention for the overall title, currently 6th place in the leaderboard. Well done all.

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Hereward Relay Photos from stages 1&2

Lots of Hereward Relay Photos from last week here, from stages 1 & 2.

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